Thursday, April 26, 2007

LaRon Landry is my pick

I want the Vikings to pick Laron Landry with the first pick of the 2007 NFL draft. A ton of fans seem to want Adrian Peterson. The logic is that he will provide a spark on the offense. I think that he will improve the offense but there is some major concerns about how well the kid will hold up in the NFL.

The Vikings can't miss on this pick. The Vikings need to start the habit of picking good solid football players and forget about drafting for need. They have to find a player that is going to be a legitimate starter for the next 5 years and I think LaRon Landry will be much less of a bust risk than Adrian Peterson.

One thing that I like about the kid is that he finished his senior year at LSU. He would have been a mid to late first round pick last year but he went back to LSU. To me that shows he has his head on straight. I have not been able to find any off the field issues involving Mr. Landry. The kid has started for LSU as a true freshman and does not appear to be an injury risk. If you haven't seen the kid play he is an absolute beast! Take a look.

I think safety is a very important position now that we see freaks like Antonio Gates line up at tight end. We need to make sure we have a guy that can cover guys like Gates and I think Landry is fully capable.

The Minnesota Vikings pick LaRon Landry with the #7 overall pick. That's what I want to hear on Saturday morning!