Saturday, May 19, 2007

Vikings sign rookie thigpen

Today the Minnesota vikings signed there first rookie Tyler Thigpen out of coastal Carolina. Tyler was the only quarterback to start a game for coastal Carolina because the football program started in 2003 .While he was there in college for four years he had a 30-8 record and throwing 6,598 Yard and completing 55.3 of his passes.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What If...

What if the Vikings called Brady Quinn's name instead of Peterson's. I found myself sitting in my chair waiting for the name to be called like a little kid at Christmas waiting to open that big gift under the tree. Then it came with the seventh selection...Adrian Peterson. I jumped up and started yelling at the top of my lungs.

So what if Mr. Goodell would of said Brady Quinn instead of AD. I for one would of turned the t.v. and went to work. Who would be the face of the franchise? What we be talking about on all theses blogs? But instead the Browns cans complain instead of us. we Vikings fans have went through enough turmoil in the past decade. I won't say anything for the sake of memories. But what if...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tough Schedule

Fellow Viking Fans-

Odds are if you are on this website, you are pretty much a die hard fan and have already checked the upcoming schedule out. However, if you haven't seen the schedule, here it is:

Minnesota Vikings' 2007 Schedule
Regular Season
Sep 9-Atlanta
Sep 16-at Detroit
Sep 23-at Kansas City
Sep 30-Green Bay
Week 5-Bye
Oct 14-at Chicago
Oct 21-at Dallas
Oct 28-Philadelphia
Nov 4-San Diego
Nov 11-at Green Bay
Nov 18-Oakland
Nov 25-at N.Y. Giants
Dec 2-Detroit
Dec 9-at San Francisco
Dec 17-Chicago
Dec 23-Washington
Dec 30-at Denver

By the looks of it, the Vikings will have their hands full this year. However, we still have June 1 cuts, injuries, and several other factors that can lead to the success or defeat of a team throughout the year. Also, with the high level of parity in the league today, you never know who will be good the next year. Some teams will always be near the top of the league for the next few years due to their personel (Colts, Patriots, Chargers), and you could argue a few others but I will stick with those three for now.

I would bet the Vikings would finish around 6-10 or 7-9 for the year. Improvement will be made over last year....maybe not by the record but in all facets of the game. The defense will improve and the offense should see a vast improvement over last year's team that was led by a QB that is now in a nursing home somewhere.

Go Vikes. Looking forward to the 2007 season.

God Bless!

Positional Analysis: Defensive End, Part 5/7

After a long weekend of inactivity I'm ready to pick up where I left off with the defensive end positional analysis. If you haven't read them already I encourage you to at least check out the first four installments of this piece.

Part 1: Overview and analysis of Kenechi Udeze
Part 2: Analysis of Erasmus James
Part 3: Analysis of Darrion Scott
Part 4: Analysis of Ray Edwards

Today however we move on to the much anticipated first look at Brian Robison, a player many Vikings fans are, for better or worse, overwhelmingly excited about.

Brian Robison: #96/6'3"/259/Texas/#102 overall pick of 2007 Draft

College: Robison was brought to the University of Texas in 2002 and was redshirted his first year. In his second season (redshirt freshman year) he played in 13 games and started 3 at inside linebacker, registering 38 tackles and blocking four kicks. The next season he made the switch to the right defensive end position and showed that he could be used effectively there, though he was still obviously more of a run stopper, recording 48 tackles (14 for a loss) but only 1.5 sacks in 12 games.

His junior campaign of 2005 was clearly Robison's best year as he started all 12 games he played in, registering an impressive 58 tackles (15 for a loss) and seven sacks. His numbers regressed a bit during his senior season as he battled right knee and leg problems. He recorded 37 tackles (9 for loss) and 5.5 sacks in 12 games.

Combine: Robison was a combine warrior this past winter as he recorded event highs for the defensive end position in seven of the eight measured events. Placing second only once to top defensive end prospect Gaines Adams in the 40 yard dash, though he was quick to point out that his 10 yard dash was better than Adams'. He has a point as the 10 yard dash is clearly more relevant to the defensive end position than the 40.

The problem of course is that Robison has always been a bit of an athletic freak, yet never registered the mind blowing numbers you'd have expected from a player of his calibre. He's always been fast, always strong, and always a great leaper. The question of course is whether he can translate those numbers in the workouts into numbers of sacks and quarterback hurries consistently at the top level of professional football.

Forecast: As I stated just a couple sentences ago, there is absolutely no doubt in anyones mind as to the physical prowess of Brian Robison, he is an athletically gifted human being who has the potential to excel. Regretfully to say for Vikings fans I think their enthusiasm ought to be tempered with the reality that very few people around the NFL are predicting great things for Robison. This fact is obviously highlighted by his being taken in the fourth round, and he seems to lack the knowledge of how to compete against more talented offensive tackles or even the ability to translate his talents into turning the corner on what should be easy prey at the college level.

I'd predict that he plays in maybe a handful of games this season at defensive end this season, while he learns the nuances of how to play the position in the NFL from the vets. I doubt he'll record a sack and will probably see fewer than 50 snaps. Where he could make a mark is in a 3-4 scheme as a blitz linebacker, or on special teams where his enormous physical talents wont be impeded by 320 offensive linemen to whom he gives up around 50 pounds.

Given a couple of years of solid coaching (not that he didn't get that at college powerhouse Texas) and a staff that knows how to utilize him, he could become a very good player, I just don't think it'll ever be at defensive end. However, if he is used right he could become an explosive player in the mold of Adalius Thomas. And while some might consider that a stretch, lets remember that it took four years of development in Baltimore before Adalius really figured it out and became a dominant play-maker. Sure thats a stretch but he does have phenomenal talent and a creative coaching staff may just figure out his Rubik's Cube.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Running Game of the Purple and Gold

The Minnesota Vikings may not have the best situation when it comes to wide receivers but they sure do make up for it with the running game. With the newly drafted running back, Adrian Peterson, the Vikings are up to five backs. All of which bring something to the table but what are we going to do with five running backs?

We will in all probability use split running backs in AP and Chester Taylor. That alone will concern the coaches of opposing teams. C. Taylor took the load on himself last year and in 304 attempts, rushed for 1,214 and tallied 6 touchdowns. That's a great show of a hard work ethic and talented running back, who did not receive any help from his wide receivers last year. Now add the young and promising work horse in AP(Or as others call him AD for "All Day"), C. Taylor will be handed less carries but he will not wear down in the end as he did by the end of last year. C. Taylor having support in the backfield will do wonders for him. With having fresh legs, expect Chester to have a hundred or more rushing yards and hopefully, a couple more touchdowns.

Now Taylor and AP/AD leave us with first and second down covered, now what should we do the remaining three running backs? To start off, i highly think we should keep Mewelde Moore. He's a great third down back with very good speed. Last year Moore had 131 yards on only 24 attempts. As you can see Childress was a one running back man last year but Moore also produced as a wide receiver too. For he had 468 yards on 46 receptions. Not bad in my book. That's an average of 10.2 yards per catch. So I think we should keep him for third down situations. That right now gives us a total of three good running options.

With the remaining two, i think it is a toss up for each, Artose Pinner and Ciatrick Fason both did not see a lot of playing time. But to keep our wide receivers healthy, i think we should use Artose Pinner on the kick return for he did well last season for not touching the ball that much. He had 142 yards, 3 touchdowns, and only 42 touches. Fason did not even see the ball last season that much. Fason only touched the ball 18 times for 99 yards and one touchdown. Not that impressive. I think they should put Fason on kick return with Pinner and also the punt return. If not, then they should just cut him. In my opinion, it would not be a big lose.

Lets recap; the Vikings could have a duel running back system with AP and Taylor which could be very deadly and productive and leave third down to Moore. Lastly, using Pinner and using his speed on kick and punt returns,can turn him into a special teams specialist. Then cutting Fason or have him help Pinner. Well, it seems that the Vikings could use their running game in many different ways to help win a game and maybe open up some room for our young wide receivers. Lets see what happens.