Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fantasy Football

This is for all you fantasy football guys out there. I have come up with a cheat sheet of my own. I am curious and would like your input. I have picked out between 4-8 players per round that I would like to target. Here is what I came up with (in order I would take them):

1st round:
1) LT
2) Steven Jackson
3) Larry Johnson
4) Peyton Manning
5) Frank Gore
6) Joseph Addai

2nd round:
1) Laurence Maroney
2) Reggie Bush
3) Travis Henry
4) Marvin Harrison

3rd round:
1) Torry Holt
2) Chad Johnson
3) Carson Palmer
4) Maurice Jones-Drew

4th round:
1) Marc Bulger
2) Marshawn Lynch
3) Donald Driver
4) Terrell Owens
5) Anquan Bolden
6) Larry Fitzgerald
7) Reggie Wayne
8) Javon Walker

5th round:
1) Tom Brady
2) DeAngelo Williams
3) Roy Williams
4) Hines Ward

6th round:
1) Adrian Peterson
2) Randy Moss

I would prefer to pick a RB in either 1st or 2nd round or both. There are about a fifteen solid RB's this year. I would prefer that two of them are in my starting lineup every week. If the cards don't do your way, pick Manning and then fill a RB with a 2nd round pick.

Here are some sleepers that I really like this year in order:
1) Jon Kitna
2) Matt Leinart
3) Calvin Johnson
4) Randy McMichael
5) Anthony Gonzalez
6) Darrell Jackson
7) Troy Williamson

This should help out anyone who has questions going in to an upcoming draft. Let me know what you guys think.

God Bless.