Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tough Schedule

Fellow Viking Fans-

Odds are if you are on this website, you are pretty much a die hard fan and have already checked the upcoming schedule out. However, if you haven't seen the schedule, here it is:

Minnesota Vikings' 2007 Schedule
Regular Season
Sep 9-Atlanta
Sep 16-at Detroit
Sep 23-at Kansas City
Sep 30-Green Bay
Week 5-Bye
Oct 14-at Chicago
Oct 21-at Dallas
Oct 28-Philadelphia
Nov 4-San Diego
Nov 11-at Green Bay
Nov 18-Oakland
Nov 25-at N.Y. Giants
Dec 2-Detroit
Dec 9-at San Francisco
Dec 17-Chicago
Dec 23-Washington
Dec 30-at Denver

By the looks of it, the Vikings will have their hands full this year. However, we still have June 1 cuts, injuries, and several other factors that can lead to the success or defeat of a team throughout the year. Also, with the high level of parity in the league today, you never know who will be good the next year. Some teams will always be near the top of the league for the next few years due to their personel (Colts, Patriots, Chargers), and you could argue a few others but I will stick with those three for now.

I would bet the Vikings would finish around 6-10 or 7-9 for the year. Improvement will be made over last year....maybe not by the record but in all facets of the game. The defense will improve and the offense should see a vast improvement over last year's team that was led by a QB that is now in a nursing home somewhere.

Go Vikes. Looking forward to the 2007 season.

God Bless!

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